Announcing Our $4M Seed Round

We are excited to announce that we've raised a $4M seed round led by Electric Capital and Pantera Capital to build an NFT trading and pricing protocol.

At Waterfall, we believe accurate and fair NFT pricing will make the digital ecosystem much more efficient and enable productive use cases such as lending, advanced trading strategies, and more.

There’s currently no clear way to price NFTs beyond floor NFTs. For "rarer" NFTs in a popular collection, “1 of 1” NFTs, or NFTs from a less popular collection, pricing is even more arbitrary.

Within large collections, the floor price can serve as a reference point: an NFT priced at or near it will likely sell. However, there are no such reference points for 1 of 1s and illiquid collections. Without a way to determine fair prices, the market is extremely inefficient: there is no price discovery for many assets. We want to provide price discovery for any NFT.

Additionally, due to their discreteness, it's easy for NFTs to become illiquid. Paired with the requirement of having to acquire whole NFTs, trading becomes very risky or inaccessible. By allowing people to trade NFTs without having to acquire entire NFTs, we unlock more liquidity to NFT trading.

With our recent fundraise, we are looking to scale our team to develop a protocol that funnels increased price exposure as an input to solve price discovery for NFTs.

To learn more about how we're solving this problem, check out our website, docs, and follow us on Twitter @waterfall_mkt! If you are interested in building with us, please reach out or apply here.